Bartificer Creations

Hi, I'm Bart Busschots, and I'm a photographer, podcaster, developer, sysadmin, and blogger creating mostly free and open content under the registered Irish business names Bartificer Creations & Let's Talk Podcasts. I'm also an IT consultant, sysadmin, developer, hosting provider & domain registrar trading under the registered Irish business name Bartificer Web Solutions.


I currently produce two podcasts under the Let's Talk Podcasting name. Both of these shows are entirely listener supported and free of all ads. I think it's important that listeners can be sure all the opinions I share are entirely my own, and that I'm not under any kind of pressure from any corporate sponsors or advertisers.

In partnership with Allison Sheridan I produce two on-going tutorial series consisting of blog posts and matching postcast episodes. These shows are entirely free, and the acompanying tutorials are released under a Creative Commons license.

  • Taming the Terminal

    Taming the Terminal Logo

    A sporadic and on-going series explaining the commandline interface on the Mac. While the series is focused on the Mac, most of the content applies equaly on any Linux or Unix OS.

  • Programming by Stealth

    Programming by Stealth Logo

    A sporadic and on-going series taking listeners on a journey from complete beginner towards becoming a confident programmer. The series starts nice and easy with HTML and CSS before taking things up a notch with JavaScript. Coming soon will be a move to PHP.

Bartificer Web Solutions

You can contact me regarding IT Consultation using one of the options below.

Open Source

I publish most of the open source code I work on through GitHub.

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As well as publishing re-usable code libraries through GitHub, I also offer a few donation-supported free utility websites.